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Bristol Bay houses some of the best trout fishing, each year more than 20 million salmon return to Bristol Bay creating one of the richest eco-systems on the planet.
Luckily for you, Wood Tikchik Guides has many different options for you to experience the region's world-renowned fishing.

Our base is conveniently located at the bottom of Lake Aleknagik, more specifically the Wood River, which is host to all five species of:
  • Salmon
  • Grayling
  • Char
  • Rainbow Trout 
Although not the highest river on the list for solitude and productivity, this river is ridiculously easy to access and navigate, never fails to produce a rainbows and char, and serves a perfect alternative for weather days when fly-out is not an option.
Wood Tikchik Guide Base Aleknagik Southwest Alaska

Float trips are doubtless the best way to experience Alaska's fishing at its finest. 

Wood Tikchik Guides has permits to operate on select rivers in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and also operates in the Wood Tikchik State Park.


For fishing parties looking for an economical way to experience a float trip adventure Wood Tikchik Guides can accommodate Air Taxi, raft and camping equipment rentals.

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